Wire Animal Sculptures

Contemporary sculptor, Kendra Haste works to represent wildlife through his creations composed only of distorted wire. British artist says fascinated by how a simple wire seemingly ordinary can turn into such a sense of movement and life, contour and volume; a contrast between lightness and weight, between solidity and transparency, values ​​that she loves finding in her work.

Citibreak citibreak  citibreak


Since she graduated from the Royal College output of the Arts London in 1998, Kendra has acquired a spectacular reputation in its field. Her work was soon featured in collections around the world. It is also part of the “society of wildlife artists” based in England and is a signatory to the “society of wildlife artists” in the United States. These grouped trying to promote the environment through the eyes (and hands) of talented artists.

Check this great video about Kendra Haste work.


Cédric – Citibreak

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