Tomás Saraceno’s Cloud Cities - Thomas Saraceno 3

Thomas Saraceno, a trained architect, borned in Argentina in 1973, living today in Germany, is endlessly fascinated by cities and structures — particularly ones that exist above ground and float in the air. Over the years, he’s translated the networks and geometries of social, political and natural environments into new habitable spaces and poetic experiences, such as the walkable Cloud City at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

In this documentary, we step into the creator’s fantastical “lighter-than-air” world of spider web sculptures and research into futuristic airborne cities.

Tomas Saraceno : On Space time Foam at Hangar Bicocca, Milan 201

Beyond the scientific and technological performance, elements of Thomas Saraceno installation are plastically sublime: Color echo, contrast materials, games perspectives. The whole is a breathtaking beauty. Let no one say that contemporary art is offered to insiders …

Cédric – Citibreak



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