Thoma Lohr’s Gorgeous Birds, Thomas Lohr

Thomas Lohr portrait and still-life photographer whose work has been featured in internationally-recognised publications like Vogue.

Thomas Lohr, took some time out from working with beautiful models and big names to photograph some colourful feathers instead. In his series, Birds, Lohr focused exclusively on his very favourite aspect of the animals, rather than capturing the whole creature., Thomas Lohr

On his fascination with birds…

“Birds are inspiring creatures, but with this project I wanted to abstract things and look closer at something kind of surreal that I see when looking at birds’ feathers in real detail.”


On the inspiration behind the project…

“The initial idea behind the book was a study on textures and colours. What I wanted to do was to show the beauty of birds while approaching it from a different point of view.”, Thomas Lohr


Thomas Lohr was born in the south of Germany in the early 80s. After his photo design studies in Berlin he moved to New York in 2005 and to London in 2010. He works between London, Berlin and New York., Thomas Lohr
Thomas Lohr


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