The Top & Hottest Cultural Events In Paris

With thousands of events held each year, Paris offers you several opportunities to discover some of the most spell-binding and entertaining cultural events. From a dazzling evening performance at the Opéra de Paris, or a festive venture into the streets of one of the most popular cities in the world, Paris is a cultural hotspot!

While it is easy to be overwhelmed with the variety of choices, we’ve got a guide set up to help you decide! Here are some of our favorites picks:

L’ Abri Blues

If music is your passion, then you absolutely must make a stop at the famous, L’ Abri Blues. With brilliant acoustics, the place is renowned for hosting fantastic concerts for all kinds of musical expressions. So if you’re visiting with the family, let the L’ Abri Blues entertain you with some blues or classic jazz music. However, if you want to opt for something loud, this musical paradise houses rock, metal, and hip-hop concerts too! With a capacity of 200, with an additional standing space for 430, you may have a good chance at scoring a good seat. But do call in and reserve in advance so that you can enjoy your musical performance from the best seat in the house!

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Ancien Site de Mirapolis

The Ancien site de Mirapolis is an attraction park turned spacious event venue. The park was shut down in 1987, and then reopened in 1991 to accommodate the various cultural events that Paris is known for hosting. Due to its large size, it has the capacity to house quite a few people. Make sure you stop by at the Ancien Site de Mirapolis; it’s sure to be buzzing with some cultural event or the other.

Atelier Théâtre de Montmartre

The stunning theatre hosts a variety of events, workshops, comedy shows and concerts. But that’s not the only thing that has scored this theatre a position on our list. It is beautifully situated in the historically significant neighborhood of Moulin Rouge, Dunay, and Prévert. They also provide workshops for kids and adults who are interested in gaining an insight on creativity, and the art of performance.

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Paris is always buzzing with cultural events, all year round. Make sure you’re not missing out! With Citibreak as your comprehensive online guide, you can get information on the latest happenings, events, exciting places to visit, cultural events, art shows, and the best exhibitions in Paris, and throug France!

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