The first exhibition crowd curated at the Frye Art Museum (Seattle)

The Frye Art Museum in Seattle invited users worldwide to become the Commissioner of his #SocialMedium exhibition.

For two weeks in August 2014, the Frye shared 232 paintings from its collection on various social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, and invited the public to choose their favorite works.

After the experience of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Frye is the second American museum and gave the public the power to design an exhibition. A true revolution in classical organization of museums and a real true popular and media success.

A total of 17,601 votes were cast by 4,468 citizens commissioners from around the world – from Bangladesh to Canada from Indonesia to Romania. Each painting has received at least one vote.

“It’s a kind of challenge to our own authority,” added Jeffrey Hirsch, Director of the museum’s communications. “We are always looking for ways to deepen the involvement of our visitors and to expand our audience beyond our existing audience. This project was a tremendous amplification means of our message. »


Citibreak Citibreak


The most popular work to users is “The Peacock” Julius Scheuerer (1907) with 3,525 Likes on Tumblr while the most important work of the collection according to experts ‘Die Sünde’ by Franz von Stuck collected 200 votes!

During the exhibition the 40 most popular Internet works are hung in various galleries of the museum. Near these works are affixed cartels of a new kind which are reproduced the names and comments of some of the 4,468 voters.


Cédric – Citibreak

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