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Centre Pompidou – Paris / France

From cutting edge art and photography gallery to enormous contemporary art, the city of lights offers tourists a startlingly beautiful collection. Citibreak is the one-stop guide for art lovers visiting Paris.


As a comprehensive guide, some have pegged Citibreak as the ‘ultimate’ art guide for connoisseurs of art. From current and upcoming contemporary art exhibitions, to unique art galleries, the website offers an insight into some of the best events and happenings in museums and galleries across Paris. Venues, timings, fee charges,  exclusivity- Citibreak offers it all.

“The most amazing characteristic of art is its sheer infinity. It isn’t limited to certain ideas or confined by rules. From traditional fine arts to contemporary art, people travel to Paris to take a look at its stunning collection. But where do you start? That’s where Citibreak comes in. We aim to bridge that gap between art aficionados and their need to visit museums and exhibitions that display some of their interests. It’s something we’re very passionate about and take great pride in bringing to our website visitors some of the hidden gems in Paris’ art world.”

Paris has ever been synonymous with burgeoning contemporary art. With the era of Renaissance began this obsession for art, and Paris houses some of the most beautiful art collection. Over time, contemporary art gave rise to modern art museums in Paris. With such a wealth of exhibitions, private and public galleries, and museums, it has evolved as the number one destination for art enthusiasts. From Centre Pompidou, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Fondation Louis Vuitton to Galerie Gagosian, there’s some art event always trending in Paris.

“In a way, art and culture is in the lifeblood of Parisian lifestyle. One cannot exist without the other. No art lover would want to miss out on any opportunity to visit the stunning art museums and exhibitions that Paris has to offer; and at Citibreak, we ensure that our customers know what’s trending at all times, throughout the year!” further stated the spokesperson.

With its rich and valuable guide, Citibreak offers the ideal platform to get information and access to cultural events in the contemporary art world. Visit the website for more information.



Citibreak is one of the most comprehensive online guides for France.  The site offers tourists and travel enthusiasts with information on the latest happenings, events, exciting places to visit, cultural events, art shows, exhibitions, and much.



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