Hunters and Preys – A photograph serie

Pierre Abensur, photographer and reporter for several years continues its series of subjective Trophies. For this, he travels the world (Switzerland, Mongolia, Argentina and Finland) to meet hunters he photographed in the same method of composition: the model is figured by nature with one of his hunting trophies.


1. pierre_abensur-2 03-Trophées-subjectifs-Burkina-Faso-©-Pierre-ABENSUR 2. -Trophées-subjectifs-Alpes-Maritimes-©-Pierre-ABENSUR
At first glance, the photograph seems to sum up the hunting action by bringing together the predator, prey and territory. But studying the nature of the pose, the artificial aspect of the animal naturalized introduce a singular distance. They give the image a fictional dimension.

These photographs reveal the ambiguous nature of the relationship between the hunter and the trophy.

Cédric – Citibreak


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