Floriane de Lassée, night photographer

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Floriane de Lassée, young photographer found his space shooting, perched on the roofs of tall buildings. She adds to the very graphic buildings, human presences, ghostly silhouettes lost in the big cities.

The idea of ​​these photos have come to her during her stay in NYC where she studied at the ICP. She first started to perch on the terrace of her house to photograph the city. Then she began to look at her neighbours; the window of her room faced the “recreation” room of the police of the East Village. She then had the idea to take the stage.

The “Inside Views” series (called early “Night Lives”) was born with this image:


Her favourite views are the views where there is a strong first foreground (left bottom of the image) and a distant view in opposition.


She draws her inspiration from Gregory Crewdson and Lorca di Corcia. She loves Edward Hopper for painting and “Playtime” by Jacques Tati, “Rear Window” Hitchcock, “Blade Runner” for films.




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