Cleveland Museum iOS app is now using iBeacon (indoor Geolocation) to enhance visitor experience

The whole museum, galleries and its services are now fully geotagged through a network of beacons iBeacon BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) discreetly installed and configured through the galleries of the museum. Visitors can approach the works and obtain a content mediation fingertips.

ArtLens - Apple iBeacon Technology
ArtLens – Apple iBeacon Technology

“The Cleveland Museum of Art is a world leader in the development of advanced technologies and the deployment of mediation tools in situ. The new integrated technology into our popular ArtLens application will provide greater accuracy in order to customize the visitor experience at a level that visitors to museums all over the world will now wait. ” –  William M. Griswold, director of the museum.

The mobile application ArtLens is provided free since early 2013, It is a unique personal guide with rich content: video, audio, text and photos. ArtLens also offers an innovative image recognition software to identify the works in the collection.

ArtLens iOS App - Cleveland Museum
ArtLens iOS App – Cleveland Museum

The application is now able to locate each visitor to a specific location in a gallery and to transmit relevant information on the works close to their mobile device.


Marc – Citibreak


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