1. Compagnie

La Compagnie Crée la Première Galerie d’Art “Volante”

La compagnie aérienne française de classe affaire ‘La Compagnie’, est connue pour être innovante. Le transporteur, qui vole exclusivement entre New York et Paris, ne fait rien de manière traditionnelle.

Pour les voyageurs ce printemps, la compagnie aérienne s’est associée au Street Artist Kevin Lyons, connu pour ses étranges monstres vus partout dans les rues des grandes villes, il a installé ses dessins sur l’ensemble des fenêtres des avions de ‘La Compagnie’.

2. Compagnie

La galerie de portraits volant compte 40 personnages et ils feront leurs débuts à 30 000 pieds sur un vol le 21 avril à destination de New York. La galerie d’art volante continuera à voyager entre Charles de Gaulle et Newark jusqu’au 19 mai.

Pour l’instant, les voyageurs peuvent avoir un aperçu des dessins sur la page Facebook de ‘La Compagnie’. Inspiré par différents types de voyageurs, les personnages vont de L’Hyperactif, qui a prévu de faire toutes les sorties parisiennes les plus branchées, au Curieux, en passant par le timide…

Cette annonce vient également avec un concours, deux gagnants auront la chance de voler gratuitement avec ‘La Compagnie’. Pour participer au tirage il vous suffit de taguer le personnage que vous préférez dans la liste affichée sur la page Facebook du transporteur.

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Street Art à Reykjavik/Islande

Je vous propose une petite découverte du Street Art vu dans les rues de Reykjavik!


Absolument absent de l’Islande il y a quelques années, le Street Art commence à prendre sa place sur les murs de Reykjavik, avec des initiatives comme le festival de la poésie murale. Voici une sélection d’œuvres rencontrées par hasard, avec de belles peintures murales.


ufunk-reykjavik-street-art-1   ufunk-reykjavik-street-art-8


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Street Art brings Museums Paintings on Your City Walls

Paris, France

Launched in June 2014, the Outings project aims to bring out the works of the museum in an original way, through posters created by anyone with a mobile phone. A new way to combine art and photography and pass less famous paintings galleries in the street.

London, UK

Artist, but before that a journalist, writer, director and producer, Julien de Casabianca, originally from Outings project defines the project as a “link between our daily lives and our collective culture places”. He explains his approach by the desire to get these anonymous characters of works of art museums where “no one will see them. So it is they who will see people “.

And indeed the project website encouraged to choose anonymous characters and not known figures (“neither king nor queen nor Mary, Jesus, etc …”), from any century from a museum of the city where you want to display its creation. So the link is maintained between the works and the collective consciousness.

Portland, USA

This is for the participants, both amateur and professional artists to choose this anonymous character of a painting in a museum in their city, photograph it and print it on a large poster. It is stuck on a dilapidated wall and then turns into a new work. The process, described in detail on the internet is gently mocked the anti-photography museums regulations “if you are quick and discreet you will manage to take pictures before we ask you politely to stop.”

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Outing is an achievement that easy interests flourishing all over the world: France, Spain, Brazil, United States of America, Paraguay, Pakistan, Uganda, Australia, Mexico …


Cédric – Citibreak

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The Great Adventures of tiny wooden figures by Joe Iurato

Citibreak Citibreak citibreak Citibreak

Inspired by various stages of his life skateboarding to breakdance through fatherhood, the artist from New Jersey, Joe Iurato creates tiny wooden figurines and puts them in situations in public places.


His small figures sway over bridges, cling to signs. His art is ephemeral and is not subject to any big media. It leaves people find on the street his stage sometimes lasting a few days or a few hours.


Cédric – Citibreak



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Banksy published on Instagram new works carried out in the Gaza Strip



On 25 and 26 February 2015, Banksy has unveiled two new creations on Instagram that he had not used since October 2013. Without caption and without a title, two works were carried out in Gaza.

On this Instagram banksy account, one can discover a man who holds his head in his hand, just like the statues of antiquity and a white kitten tagged on a crumbling wall in Gaza.

Both images have already been around the world and their authorship is no longer in doubt.

Banksy’s agent, Jo Brooks, confirmed the authenticity of Instagram account. Contacted by US magazine animal, it does not explain the reason for much of that choice.

In parallel, a video made by Banksy, unveiled by Time and now available on the official website bansky.co.uk sees the stree-artist to design his work and others in the ruins of Gaza. In this film, the artist shows through the tunnel that leads to the other side of the border to the city center of Gaza and his creative work in the ruins.

British street artist went to Gaza, with his own bombs in an attempt to draw the eye to the destruction of Gaza.


“A kitten, but why? What does that mean? “To this question, the artist says,” I wanted to highlight the destruction of Gaza by posting photos on my website. But on the Internet, people are watching the kittens images. Gaza was described as the largest open-air prison in the world, because no one can enter or leave. But is not it a bit unfair to the prisons, which they do not have daily water and electricity cuts, “says on its website Banksy.

To watch the banksy video click on the link.


Cédric – Citibreak

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