Banksy Published on Instagram New Works Carried out in the Gaza Strip



On 25 and 26 February 2015, Banksy has unveiled two new creations on Instagram that he had not used since October 2013. Without caption and without a title, two works were carried out in Gaza.

On this Instagram banksy account, one can discover a man who holds his head in his hand, just like the statues of antiquity and a white kitten tagged on a crumbling wall in Gaza.

Both images have already been around the world and their authorship is no longer in doubt.

Banksy’s agent, Jo Brooks, confirmed the authenticity of Instagram account. Contacted by US magazine animal, it does not explain the reason for much of that choice.

In parallel, a video made by Banksy, unveiled by Time and now available on the official website sees the stree-artist to design his work and others in the ruins of Gaza. In this film, the artist shows through the tunnel that leads to the other side of the border to the city center of Gaza and his creative work in the ruins.

British street artist went to Gaza, with his own bombs in an attempt to draw the eye to the destruction of Gaza.


“A kitten, but why? What does that mean? “To this question, the artist says,” I wanted to highlight the destruction of Gaza by posting photos on my website. But on the Internet, people are watching the kittens images. Gaza was described as the largest open-air prison in the world, because no one can enter or leave. But is not it a bit unfair to the prisons, which they do not have daily water and electricity cuts, “says on its website Banksy.


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