4 Unusual Sites To Visit In Paris

When you plan out things to do in Paris, it might primarily consist of attending the most sought after cultural events, dining at the finest restaurants and visiting the most famous monuments. While there is an allure to this, Paris off the beaten path is just as appealing.

So get ready to take off your chic shoes, and replace them with a more comfortable pair for a visit to unusual places in Paris:

Visit The Vineyards Of Montmartre

While once these vineyards were a flourishing wine trading supply, they were wiped out after a disease. Taking control and charge of the situation, the city began a feast in celebration of the vineyards supply. From wine tasting ceremonies, entertainment concerts, parades and guided visits especially designed for tourists, the place serves as the perfect spot for tourists. The reason why this has made our list of the unusual places is because of the interesting and unique history and revival of Paris’ wine culture that it symbolizes.

Catacombes de Paris

The underground system is somewhat a 300 km of labyrinth, out of which 2 km consists of vast cemetery. During the 19th century, the state realized that the cemeteries in Paris were saturated and hence decided to dig up millions of Parisian corpses that included famous personalities like La Fontaine, Montesquieu and Danton.

While you might think this place would be rather gloomy, the truth is that it offers tourists a new and interesting perspective – an opportunity to view the city with new eyes.

Musée Grévin

Ever heard of the Grévin? It is the exact equivalent of Madame Tussauds in London. From football celebrities like Zidane to Louis XIV, Elton John, Einstein, the place has approximately 300 lifelike wax statues just waiting for your attention! The statues are so accurately designed that if you’re not paying too much attention, they almost seem real! In addition, you can also experience the famous ‘Hall of Mirrors’, enjoying the unique optical illusions.

Passage Brady

Unique in every way, the Brady Passage is like a city within a city. Popularly referred to as the ‘Little India’ of Paris, this place is like an exotic venue and offers access to some of the best secrets, tastes and traditions of India. From restaurants, spice stores, and barber shop, discover a hidden India right in Paris!

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