4 Unusual Sites To Visit In Paris

When you plan out things to do in Paris, it might primarily consist of attending the most sought after cultural events, dining at the finest restaurants and visiting the most famous monuments. While there is an allure to this, Paris off the beaten path is just as appealing.

So get ready to take off your chic shoes, and replace them with a more comfortable pair for a visit to unusual places in Paris:

Visit The Vineyards Of Montmartre

While once these vineyards were a flourishing wine trading supply, they were wiped out after a disease. Taking control and charge of the situation, the city began a feast in celebration of the vineyards supply. From wine tasting ceremonies, entertainment concerts, parades and guided visits especially designed for tourists, the place serves as the perfect spot for tourists. The reason why this has made our list of the unusual places is because of the interesting and unique history and revival of Paris’ wine culture that it symbolizes.

Catacombes de Paris

The underground system is somewhat a 300 km of labyrinth, out of which 2 km consists of vast cemetery. During the 19th century, the state realized that the cemeteries in Paris were saturated and hence decided to dig up millions of Parisian corpses that included famous personalities like La Fontaine, Montesquieu and Danton.

While you might think this place would be rather gloomy, the truth is that it offers tourists a new and interesting perspective – an opportunity to view the city with new eyes.


Ever heard of the Grévin? It is the exact equivalent of Madame Tussauds in London. From football celebrities like Zidane to Louis XIV, Elton John, Einstein, the place has approximately 300 lifelike wax statues just waiting for your attention! The statues are so accurately designed that if you’re not paying too much attention, they almost seem real! In addition, you can also experience the famous ‘Hall of Mirrors’, enjoying the unique optical illusions.

Passage Brady

Unique in every way, the Brady Passage is like a city within a city. Popularly referred to as the ‘Little India’ of Paris, this place is like an exotic venue and offers access to some of the best secrets, tastes and traditions of India. From restaurants, spice stores, and barber shop, discover a hidden India right in Paris!

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The Top & Hottest Cultural Events In Paris

With thousands of events held each year, Paris offers you several opportunities to discover some of the most spell-binding and entertaining cultural events. From a dazzling evening performance at the Opéra de Paris, or a festive venture into the streets of one of the most popular cities in the world, Paris is a cultural hotspot!

While it is easy to be overwhelmed with the variety of choices, we’ve got a guide set up to help you decide! Here are some of our favorites picks:

L’ Abri Blues

If music is your passion, then you absolutely must make a stop at the famous, L’ Abri Blues. With brilliant acoustics, the place is renowned for hosting fantastic concerts for all kinds of musical expressions. So if you’re visiting with the family, let the L’ Abri Blues entertain you with some blues or classic jazz music. However, if you want to opt for something loud, this musical paradise houses rock, metal, and hip-hop concerts too! With a capacity of 200, with an additional standing space for 430, you may have a good chance at scoring a good seat. But do call in and reserve in advance so that you can enjoy your musical performance from the best seat in the house!

Get directions right here!

Ancien Site de Mirapolis

The Ancien site de Mirapolis is an attraction park turned spacious event venue. The park was shut down in 1987, and then reopened in 1991 to accommodate the various cultural events that Paris is known for hosting. Due to its large size, it has the capacity to house quite a few people. Make sure you stop by at the Ancien Site de Mirapolis; it’s sure to be buzzing with some cultural event or the other.

Atelier Théâtre de Montmartre

The stunning theatre hosts a variety of events, workshops, comedy shows and concerts. But that’s not the only thing that has scored this theatre a position on our list. It is beautifully situated in the historically significant neighborhood of Moulin Rouge, Dunay, and Prévert. They also provide workshops for kids and adults who are interested in gaining an insight on creativity, and the art of performance.

Map on how to get there!

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Maurice Denis museum – Outstanding collection of Nabi works

citibreak.com - Musée Maurice denis
Maurice Denis Museum – Saint-Germain en Laye (France)

Maurice Denis museum, internationally renowned houses an outstanding collection of Symbolist works, Nabis or Pont-Aven group with artists such as Gauguin, Bonnard, Denis, Vuillard, Roussel, Bernard, Ranson …


Who are the Nabis?

At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the artists of the Nabis (“prophets” or “inspired by God” in Hebrew) are part of a vanguard that is the origins of modern art.

citibreak.com - Paul Serusier - Le Bois d'Amour
Paul Serusier – Le Bois d’Amour

Maurice Denis, Sérusier, Bonnard, Vuillard, Ranson … and their friends were marked by the lesson given by Paul Gauguin in Pont-Aven. The picture painted by Sérusier under his leadership in 1888 is their Talisman (Landscape in the Bois d’Amour, Paris, Musée d’Orsay).

Les Nabis does not seek to reflect in their works an observed reality. For them, paint is transposing the nature and give a plastic and colorful equivalent to sensations, emotions or moods. Serving the Symbolist art, they choose the synthesis and stylization of forms. Subjective colors they use are laid in flat areas separated by dark circles. Their artistic production is also characterized by a sense of decor, by the use of arabesques and often Japanese style inspiration.

citibreak.com - Plage au bonnet rouge
Maurice Denis – Plage au bonnet rouge

Eager to integrate art into everyday life, these artists are also creators of ceramics, stained glass, furniture, posters, stage sets … They are also closely related to literary and musical movements of their time. During fifteen years, between 1888 and 1903, the Nabis will form, with their openness and their wealth of inspiration, a particularly innovative movement.


The Maurice Denis museum and its collections

The museum is the former home of artist Maurice Denis, painter and theoretician of the Nabi movement, which lived in this property from 1914 until his death (1870 – 1943).

The initial funding of the museum is the result of exceptional donation made in 1976 by the family of Maurice Denis. Since then, the collections were enriched by many donations and acquisitions of works of Symbolist and Nabis artists. Are thus presented works of painters who have marked the history of modern art: Gauguin, Sérusier, Vallotton, Bonnard, Vuillard, Verkade, Ranson, Lacombe, Redon, Mucha, Anquetin …

Composed largely of paintings, the collections also include graphic works, sculptures and pieces of furniture and art objects: fans, screens, stained glass … All these elements to capture the will of the Nabis artists to integrate art in everyday life.

Watch this great video about the museum.



Cédric – Citibreak

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Paris In All Its Stunning Glory: Top Attractions

With 105.4 km2 of area, hundreds of museums and exhibitions, what should you see, and where should you start from? The city of light shines brightest, and with its entire splendor, all year round. If you’re looking for things to do in Paris, we’ve assisted you by listing down some of the most popular and beautiful sights in the city of lights!

Eiffel Tower

What kind of list would this be without the mention of the most sought after and symbolic representation of Paris itself: the Eiffel Tower? Built by Gustave Eiffel, it is one of the most visited monuments in the world, with over 7 million visitors a year.

It’s the ascent, wherein lies the most enjoyment. You can enjoy a spectacular view while traveling up the tower via the escalator. Those who have a flair for adventure and the stamina can opt to climb the steps (1,665 to the summit). However, fair warning; prepare yourself for long queues. Although it has been said by many, that the wait is worth the watch!

Moulin Rouge

This cabaret, which is famous for the spiritual birthplace of the French Cancan, is located at the foot of Montmartre hill. Initially introduced as the courtship dance, the cancan has evolved to give rise to the legendary cabaret to what it in known today. The style, culture and beautiful concept have been replicated around the world. The Moulin Rouge is a famous tourist attraction, a hotspot for many tourists traveling to Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral

It has been famously quoted by many: no trip to Paris is ever completed until you’ve visited this 12th century gothic cathedral, the Notre Dame Cathedral. The stained glass, statuary, towers and vast expanse is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet. Take some time out to witness this stunning monument that took over a hundred years of hard labor for completion.


Constructed in the seventeenth century, the Chateau de Versailles is a vast reminder of the military command of France within the country, and all over Europe. The lavish gardens, beautiful terraces and complex buildings are a guaranteed must visit for you! On your trip, you will begin your tour with the State Apartments, Hall of Mirrors and the Queen’s Chamber.

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The Most Stunning Contemporary Art Museums In Paris

The bounds of art have moved far beyond the ordinary. And if there is one city that displays a stunning and spell-binding collection of contemporary art, it is yours truly, Paris alone! From dramatic abstract art to innovative art master pieces, various Paris museums of modern art are producing hard-hitting displays!

Centre Georges Pompidou

Opening its doors first in 1977, the Centre Pompidou exceeded all expectations. The Italo-British architectural duo of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers became known for their ingenious creation of an ‘inside-out’ boiler house approach. When tourists visit this building they are overwhelmed at how the air-conditioning, escalators, etc are built OUTSIDE the building, leaving the inside rather clear. The Centre Pompidou proudly houses the second largest collection of modern art in the world, after the Moma, with over 50,000 works by 5,000 artists on its website. In display, however, a fraction of 600 works can be viewed at a time.

La Gaîté Lyrique

A passion for technology and digital art? The La Gaîté Lyrique, formerly known as Belle Époque Gaïté Lyrique theatre has been revamped and transformed to allow visitors to indulge in digital, music, graphics, film, fashion, and design manifestation of art. When 19th-century composer Jacques Offenbach developed the theatre, it was a far cry from contemporary art display. Today, however, building has been through various architectural innovations, now a center point for the city’s cultural expression and live multimedia performances.

Espace Claude Berri

Claude Berry, one of France’ most respected and renowned film directors and producers had made quite a name for himself with some successful releases and international hits with Jean de Florette and Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis. However, in the year 2008, he redefined his fame by making a monumental contribution in the contemporary art world: the founding of Espace Claude Berri – a venue for exhibitions by some of the hidden and up-coming talents in the art world, including Berri’s own impressive collection.

The mogul, also a connoisseur of art, had been purchasing paintings from 1970, and by the time of his death had a unique collection, talked about all over in France. With a vision to display his stunning art collection, he opened the doors of Espace Claude Berri, where besides his collection, visitors can also find the works of living artists from around the world. Contemporary and modern art in all its glory – that’s what you’ll find here!

Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Situated at the east wing of Palais de Tokyo, the modern art museum displays a stunning collection of works by the Delaunays, Fauves, Cubists, the Ecole de Paris and Fautrier. Furthermore, you may find yourself feasting your eyes on deco furniture, Raoul Dufy’s vast mural, La Fee Electricité, halfway up the stairs and various art expressions on ceramics.

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